Arturo Munoz is a biologist with a PhD in the foraging strategies and nutrition of the Lake Titicaca Frog. He began working with amphibians and reptiles in 1998. Arturo founded the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative in 2007 and he is now working to enable collaboration of projects for the benefit of amphibian conservation. Arturo was awarded the Sabin Amphibian Conservation Prize in 2015.


Gabriel Callapa is a biologist, passionate about the research and conservation of Bolivian amphibians and reptiles. He began working with amphibians in 2011. Gabriel has skills in the areas of research, education, captive breeding and scientific collections.


Dan Lay is a herpetologist specialising in the captive breeding of endangered species. He has worked professionally on projects on five continents. Dan has qualifications in Management and Leadership (Chartered Managers Institute) and Facilitation and Communication Skills (Conservation Planning Specialist Group). He is experienced in finding and documenting species in the wild and first began searching for frogs, toads and newts when he was one years old.


Patricia Mendoza-Miranda is a biologist and MSc in water resources. She has experience in the captive breeding of species in the Telmatobius genus. Patricia also has experience in amphibian conservation education as well as working with endangered species in the field and conservation research. She says that working with amphibians is the main passion in her life :) .


Jaime Salamanca is an environmental scientist with a keen interest in human-wildlife relations. Jaime has been working with amphibian conservation education and ecotourism with the Lake Titicaca Frog (Telmatobius culeus) for more than five years.


You may be a biologist, have business skills, be a film-maker or have experience in fundraising. We would love to hear from you if you feel you can help us, in any small way - please get in contact with us.